Sewer Repair

Need a sewer line repaired in Columbus? Contact #1 Plumbing Repair for a reliable solution.

Trenchless Services

There’s no need to dig up your yard. Our plumbing specialists can use a trenchless solution to fix the problem.

Waterline Repairs

Stop the water damage right away. Call #1 Plumbing Repair for water line repairs and replacements.

Don’t Let Just Anyone Fix Your Collapsed Sewer Line

Call #1 Plumbing Repair for reliable repairs in Columbus, Ohio

#1 Plumbing Repair provides residential and commercial waste and water piping services in Columbus, Ohio. We are your underground plumbing specialists, providing a range of services for water lines and sewer lines. You can come to our professionals for:

• Water line service, repair and replacement
• Sewer line repair and replacement
Storm and gutter drain replacement

Our underground plumbing pros can also inspect and clean sewer drains. We strive to provide the absolute best service for our clients so they can have a solution to their issue – fast. Don’t let the problem continue to get worse. Reach out to #1 Plumbing Services today to find a solution to your water or sewer line issue.

Using trenchless repair methods for your repair or replacement

We specialize in trenchless services in Columbus, Ohio. This is minimally invasive method avoids tearing up your landscaping, hardscaping, driveways and other components. With #1 Plumbing Repair, you can get the service and solution you need without destroying your yard. So whether you have a small leak or a busted pipe, you can count on our crew to cause little damage to your property when fixing the problem.

Call for underground plumbing, get high-level results

Your trustworthy plumbing professionals are here at #1 Plumbing Repair. We have the friendly crew, the high-quality equipment and the expertise you’re looking for to get the job done. To utilize our outdoor plumbing services, call our Columbus professionals right now at 614-569-0083.

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Commercial Utilities in Columbus, OH

Call #1 Plumbing to get your commercial utilities installed. With our experience in Columbus, OH we are able to give you top quality work for prices that won't blow your budget.