Get the Fix Without Major Property Damage

Trenchless water and sewer replacement in Columbus, Ohio

If you’re working with an outdoor plumbing team and they mention digging up different areas of your property, don’t move forward with their services. You may not need to tear up your landscaping, hardscaping, driveway and sidewalk to fix an underground line. There are plenty of ways to take care of the issue without causing more damage.

Trenchless line repair is the best option for repairing or replacing a sewer or water line. Using proven methods and reliable equipment, #1 Plumbing Repair can take care of any underground line problem.

Reach out for the #1 trenchless solution

Reach out for the #1 trenchless solution

#1 Plumbing Repair can reach a pipe that is 30 feet underground. They don’t call us the underground plumbing specialists for nothing! We make sure to use proven, innovative methods for our trenchless line repair services in Columbus, Ohio, which might include:

• Pipe lining
• Pipe bursting
• Directional drilling or boring

You can contact our professionals today to get a free estimate for our trenchless line repair services. We strive to be as transparent with our customers as possible. If you’re ready to take care of that repair or replacement, reach out to #1 Plumbing Repair right now to get the job done - without as much digging.